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Preconception Health

As a leading healthcare provider, Nazeeri Family Medicine is committed to helping women optimize their future pregnancies by maintaining a healthy weight.

Research has shown that being obese during pregnancy can have negative effects on a baby's brain development, potentially leading to cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems later in life. Insufficient rates of weight gain during the second trimester and excessive rates of weight gain during the third trimester have been associated with higher risk of neurodevelopemental disorder outcomes. Babies born to obese mothers may have smaller brain sizes and weaker connections between different parts of the brain, which can impact learning and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, these babies may have less brain activity in areas important for controlling impulses and feeling pleasure, which can affect how they respond to rewards and make decisions. By maintaining a healthy weight before and during pregnancy, women can help ensure the optimal health of their babies' brains. Nazeeri Family Medicine is here to support women in achieving this important goal.

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